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tiwal 2

Sailing Dingy

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The Sailing Dingy We All Love.

This is Tiwal 2, the compact sailing dingy that is everyone’s dreamboat. Design in French with top quality technology, this award winner inflatable boat is your next best friend for sailing wherever you want! Check it out!


Well, we could talk for hours on how proud we are of our Tiwal 2! To make it simple and easy, here are a few reasons why having a Tiwal 2 with you is the best choice for sailing.

Fun for everyone!

Tiwal 2 is the perfect fit for sharing the sailing experience with everyone! Your Tiwal 2 can handle up to 150kg so you will be able to have on board one single adult, one adult and a child or two children. Just remember to keep the kids under adult supervision while they are having their time in the water.

Easy to Assemble

Let the truth be told, no one likes to wait a long time to get in the water and sail. That’s why we made sure that assembling your Tiwal 2 is as simple as counting 123. No tools are necessary for bringing your Tiwal 2 to life and you can do it single-handed in less than 15 minutes!

For Every Occasion

This lovely sailing dingy might seem fragile, but don’t get it wrong. Tiwal 2 counts with the best technology available out there and is made to resist all the windspeeds and scenarios. When it comes to having fun, is up to you to decide if you want to have a calm sailing or the most adventurous one! Tiwal 2 will be there for you on every occasion!


Yes, it fits in 2 bags.

Take it on your car!

Tiwal 2 is your car’s newest friend! When completely packed, Tiwal 2 only takes the space of 2 bags. We made sure to design it in this way so you can take your sailing experience anywhere you want.


The first thing you need to focus on is the hull. Tiwal 2 comes with an electric inflator that will do most of the work for you, at this stage you want to inflate the boat to around 80% of its volume.

Then it’s time to put the mast base together, to do so you just have to clip them and add on the hull structure. When the mast is ready you can finish the inflation process, this time with a manual pump to bring up the pressure (Tiwal 2 needs 11psi). After that, you only need to install the rudder and the daggerboard and the hull is ready.

The rigging part is also child’s play. You will find 5 sleeved sections that together will make up the C50 carbon mast. You simply have to attach one piece at a time into the sail sheath to bring the sail to live. Place the sail structure to the mast base and you will only have to attach the cunningham and the boom vang to secure the rig to the hull. In less than 15 minutes you will be ready to start having a fun time with your Tiwal 2!

The Sail

Having fun and easy experience while sailing is the core of Tiwal. And when talking about sailing, all comes down to a good sail. The Tiwal 2 sail is made with North Sails, it has a total area of 5.60 m2 that will make sailing possible in any sort of windspeed. Not only we made sure the design of the sail can offer you the best sailing experience, but we also made it safe. With the bright yellow colour, it’s perfect for parents to spot their child on water.

Always Safe with Tiwal!

Safety-wise, there is no need to worry! In Tiwal we make sure all our products pass the highest standards of quality control. Tiwal 2 is made with a high-pressure Drop Sticht that guarantees the rigidity of the hull and good stability. The deck of Tiwal 2 is really clear and handling it is super easy, we also design it without a boom to guarantee the safety of our sailors.


Mast: carbon C50 (16′ 1″ – 5 parts)

Framework: anodized aluminum

Sail: North Sails Dacron (60ft²)

Blocks: Harken

Norms CE / Navigation class: D

Boat weight (empty): 90 lbs

Maximum load: 330 lbs
1 adult + 1 child

Draft: 2’ 3″

2 carrying bags:
Hull bag: 4′ 9″ × 16″ × 14″ / 55 lbs
2nd bag: 3’ 7″ x 16” x 10” / 45 lbs

Take Tiwal 2 with you for the best anchorage experience ever!



Let’s be honest, all the excitement of getting on a boat and sailing around make anchorage time quite looks like a bummer. But it doesn’t have to be like this. If you want to get creative and make the best out of this necessary time you can come with us while we show you a little bit more about the Tiwal 2, the inflatable “dinghy” that will show you how much fun sailing can be!