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Seize the opportunity, sail with Tiwal!

from 6 250 € excluding VAT



Tiwal 3 is an inflatable sailboat that is compact enough you just need 2 bags to take it with you wherever you want, on your car, on a plane or on a boat!
Can you imagine how easy it is to just sail whenever and wherever you find the perfect spot? Well, just put your Tiwal 3 in the trunk of your car and do it, it is as simple as that!

Why Tiwal 3?!

Tiwal 3 is the big brother of Tiwal’s family of sailboats. We could be talking about it for hours and hours, to make it short, we bring together some awesome aspects about Tiwal 3 and why this boat is going to be your next best friend!

Bring Everyone, We Have Space!

Tiwal 3 is the biggest sailboat of Tiwal. We made sure that we could have an option for those that just love having people around. With Tiwal 3 you can have up to 200 kg, that means up to 2 adults or 1 adult and 2 kids!

Stronger Than Ever!

For Tiwal 3 we combine the simplicity of the inflatable hull with the strength of the aluminum hiking racks. The final result is a practical and stronger structure that is designed to stand all sorts of wheaters and conditions! Tiwal 3 is strong, trust us!

The Perfect Sail For You

Isn’t it great when the boat just fits perfectly to our sailing style? Well, with Tiwal 3 you have the option to choose from three different sails sizes and types: 5.20 m², 7 m² or 7/5.20 m² reefable sails. Tiwal 3 is made for you!


Your next adventure, only in 2 bags!

Who would have said that we all could have the space to store a sailboat in our houses?!

Well, with Tiwal 3 we all do!

Yes, Tiwal 3 need as little as 2 bags to pack it. You can take Tiwal 3 on the back of your car, on top of a van, you can even ship it on a plane.

Now there are no excuses for not having fun on your next sailing vacation.



Get ready to sail in less than 20 minutes. Assembling Tiwal 3 is super easy and will take you no time.

We designed Tiwal 3 assembly to be fast and simple so you can do it rapidly even when you are on your own. Our record so far is 10’24” for the solo category and 6’28” double-handed.

The first thing you should do is to inflate the hull to 80% of its full capacity. This step can be made with an electrical lower-pressure pump, included with the boat. After that, it’s time to attach the hull structure, installing the daggerboard case in the hull.

All the framework are clipped together, super simple, right?

When you finish the framework you can start attaching it to the hull using the hooks and the loop straps.

When that is done, it’s time to finish the inflation with a manual pump. We want to increase the pressure during this step to 11 psi (0.75 bar).

As for the sail itself, its easy peasy. The structure of the sail comes in 5 equal parts, so you just have to put them together to form the mast and then fish with the last attachment to the framework.


Speeding up with the innovation.


Tiwal 3 combines all the best and most recent innovative technologies to create a easy and fun way to sail!

The hull of Tiwal 3 is made of 3D textile. It consists of two layers of textiles put together but numerous threads. The outcome is a flat and resistant structure when it is fully inflated.

The laser-machined aluminium framework has the highest levels of precision that can assure that your Tiwal 3 will always be easy to assembly.

Combining the inflatable hull with the aluminium framework on the Tiwal 3 is the certainty of a rigid and reliable structure for sailing in all conditions.


Mast: 5 parts C50 carbon (16′ 1″)

Framework: anodized aluminum

Hull length: 10′ 6″

Sail: Dacron and monofilm
by North Sails (56 or 75 ft²)

Blocks: Harken

Norms CE / Navigation class: D

Boat weight (empty): 110 lbs

Maximum load: 440 lbs
2 adults or 1 adult + 2 children

Max load on wings: 2 adults / 242 lbs

Draft: 2’ 3″

2 carrying bags:
4′ 11″ x 1′ 4″ x 1′ 2″ / 62 lbs each

Get your Tiwal 3 now!


Tiwal 3 is waiting for you!

In Croatia, Nava Charter is the official exclusive Tiwal 3 dealer.

For more information on delivery and other conditions just send us one inquiry and we will get in touch with you in no time!