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Tiwal is the easiest way to always have a sailboat with you. We provide you with the best inflatable sailboats out there so you can enjoy your time in the water as much as you can. All of that in a very unique and clever storage solution, our products are designed to fit as little as two bags. Tiwal uses high technology to make this the best inflatable sailboat for your next sailing adventure. As we say, dream big, pack small.

Why tiwal?

Well, we are basically fun packed in two bags. Having your personal inflatable sailing boat has never been so simple. We are light, easy to assemble and don’t even get us started on what great memories we will build together. With Tiwal you just have to worry about the amount of fun you will have during your next sailing experience, the rest is on us!

Easy Assembly

When it comes to having a nice time playing and sailing around we know that every second counts. And that’s why with Tiwal you will have your sailboat ready in no time. All the process of inflating and assembly will take you around 20 minutes (the record was 10 minutes and 40 seconds).

For Beginners & Professionals

It doesn’t’ matter if you are a beginner or a long run sailor, Tiwal is made for everyone to have fun. With your Tiwal, you can just get on the water and start enjoying your time either single-handed or with your family and friends.

Low Maintenance

Have we mentioned how easy it is to keep your Tiwal well maintained? After your great time sailing your Tiwal around the world the only thing you need to do is to wash it with clean water and make sure it dries out before folding it back to the bags. After that, you are done.



Fun is not the only thing that is guaranteed with Tiwal products. We also offer you high technologies that are there to make sure your sailing escapades will be fun and safe. Our products come with an anti-UV treatment that helps them last longer. Tiwal inflatable boats also pass through long and meticulous testings before arriving at your house, so don’t worry, they are safe and sound to use.

Fits In 2 Bags

Let’s get practical, who has the spare space for a regular sailing boat? Well, with Tiwal you already have it. All our products are made to fit in just two bags, isn’t that incredible? This is the perfect solution for taking a sailboat with you no matter if you have a plane to catch or if you are driving to your next sailing vacation destination.

Safe For Kids

Good moments are only good when everyone can enjoy it, right? That’s the reason we made sure Tiwal inflatable sailboats are safe for all. It is so easy and simple to sail that this could be the best way to get the little ones started on sailing. Just make sure they have supervision of an adult.

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Did you just find out about Tiwal and you are already on your next vacation? 
Don’t worry, if you just want to give it a try on our inflatable sailboats here is your chance to do it, and to fall in love with it.

With NAUTIKA CENTAR NAVA you will be able to rent as many Tiwal as you want. You can also add Tiwal to your charter with NAVA, making sure that sailing the Adriatic Sea will be even more unforgettable!

Award winning Design

Tiwal was born from the passionate mind of Marion Excoffon, our Designer and Co-Founder! Everything started after she heard a “No” from her father. He wouldn’t let her use their family sailboat so Marion decided to create her own.

With such an inspiring story behind Tiwal, we could only expect good things to come. Our design is a huge success worldwide and we are working hard to keep up with our innovation!


Like any proud parents, we could keep talking about our babies for hours and hours. But why don’t we let one of the most important people to speak out what they think about Tiwal inflatable sailboats? Here are some experiences from our dearest reviewers!

“The whole experience is one of minimum fuss, minimum rigging and maximum fun.”

Bear Grylls

Boat International

“We were impressed by the ingenuity of the design and the quality of the materials used, not to mention the adjustable sail, which adapts to the wind.”
Rita Orrell


The thing was a blast. I couldn’t believe how well it sailed. You could have some serious fun with this, especially in big breeze.” Chuck Allen

Boat of the Year

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