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tiwal 2L

Sailing Dingy

from 5 850 € excluding VAT

The Family Sailing Dingy

Get ready for an exciting water adventure with your kids! Your Tiwal 2L sailing dinghy is packed and ready to go. Name your new sailboat and plan your route – it’s time to set sails!


The Tiwal 2L sailing dinghy is 10′ 10″ long. Thus, it is perfect for couples, families, and single-handers. Its scow-shaped bow and wings provide agile maneuverability downwind, and stability when tacking or gybing, even in rough seas.

2 Bags

Easily transportable, your sailboat fits in only 2 bags, and weights only 103 lbs.


440 lbs Onboard

The maximum overload is 2 adults, or 1 adult + 2 children.

15 Minutes…

….is all it takes to assemble your Tiwal 2L.


This big sailng dinghy fits anywhere.

Comfortable and safe, to the highest standards

With Tiwal 2L, you will have a clear deck to easily move around onboard. With handles to hold on to, the inflatable wings can either be a comfy seat for adults, or a reassuring support for children. Enjoy the maximum space onboard with Tiwal 2L! 


Putting your Tiwal 2L together is quick and easy – no tools needed.

Just inflate its hull with the rechargeable electric pump, fit the aluminum frame and clip it in place.

Inflate the boat to high pressure with the manual pump and add the rig.

This game is perfect for the whole family!

When it’s over, taking it apart is easy too.

Innovative concept and premium construction

Marion Excoffon designed Tiwal 2L sailing dinghy to make sailing easy and enjoyable for the whole family. With its bright colors and rounded shapes, the sailboat promises unforgettable adventures that bring together sailors young and old.

Its simple design is made possible by the innovative technology used in its construction. Its construction is carefully produced in our workshop, ensuring a durable and reliable boat.

Discover unforgettable adventures with this new class of sailing dinghy.


Mast: carbon C50 (16′ 1″ – 5 parts)

Framework: anodized aluminum

Sail: North Sails (Dacron, and Monofilm depending on the model)

Blocks: Harken

Boat weight (empty): 103 lbs

Maximum load: 440 lbs
2 adults (or 1 adult + 2 children)

Draft: 2’ 5″

2 carrying bags:
Hull bag: 4′ 9″ × 16″ × 14″ / 77  lbs
2nd bag: 3’ 7″ x 16” x 10” / 45 lbs

Sail In All Weather Conditions 


The 71 ft² furling sail is an ideal sail for one or two people in light to moderate wind. It rolls up for storage.

The 75 ft² sail is good for two adults in light to moderate wind.

The 56 ft² sail works well for adults in a good wind, and for kids in lighter conditions.

Finally, the 75/56 ft² reefable sail can be adjusted for different wind strengths. In changing weather, make a quick stop to adjust the sail area.