things that YOU MIGHT WANT TO KNOW about tiwal!

Can I assemble it alone?

For sure! Tiwal is built to be easy and simple for you to have fun. To put everything together you only need around 20 minutes.

Can kids sail it alone?

Yes! To be honest, this can be a perfect opportunity for kids to start sailing. The sail is 5.20 m² (56 sq. ft.) so is easy for them to cope with it. Just remember, it’s always good to have the supervision of an adult while kids are in the water.

Does it resist sunlight?

All Tiwal products have a special layer of UV protection. However, there is no such thing as too much care, so if you are storing it outside the boat, we suggest you cover it with anti-UV protection case, you can contact our staff and they can help you get one. Another good practice is not to let your boat or your Tiwal exposed in a very high heat environment.

How do you inflate it?

Assembling your Tiwal is an easy task. Regarding the inflatable parts, you will only need two pumps: one for lower pressure for inflating 80% of the hull, the other one is a manual pump for making sure the hull has the right pressure inside. The recommendation is 11 PSI (0.75 bars).

How does Tiwal perform?

Get ready for some fun. Our record speed was 10 knots. This means you will be able to enjoy your time surging, the tip is to sit on one of the wings above the water. And there’s no need to worry if you want to sail upwind, our products work as well as other dinghies in those situations, that is thanks to the daggerboard.

How long does it take to assemble?

Tiwal assembly can be done in no time. On average it takes around 20 minutes to inflate and to clip the framework together. However, our record so far has been as little as 10 minutes and 40 seconds, could you beat this one?

How many people can sail on board?

Everyone can have fun with Tiwal. If you want to share this experience with your family and friends, here are some ideas on how many people can sail. Tiwal can handle up to 2 adults, or 1 adult and 2 kids, and up to 3 kids. Just remember to have an adult supervising when kids are alone.

How should I clean it?

There is no mystery. Tiwal was created to be as practical as a sailboat can be, so after your time sailing around just pass it under clean water and make sure it is well dried before storing it on the two bags.

I have never or hardly ever sailed. Is Tiwal right for me?

As we say, Tiwal is for everyone. We created Tiwal for making sailing easy and fun to all. Tiwal inflatable boats are easy to use, intuitive and probably they will make you fall in love with sailing. To sail it around, you just need to have some basic ideas of sailing and you are good to go.

If I capsize, will I be able to climb back on board alone?

Yes! We all know that capsizing is as normal when we are sailing and with Tiwal you really don’t have to worry about getting back on track. Our special design was made thinking on righting you sailboat super easy. The hint is to push down on the wings while holding onto the daggerboard and it’s done.

Is it easy to assemble?

Oh yes! When we mean we designed our products to be practical we mean it. There is no need for any special tools to assemble it, everything can be clipped together. You will be able to attach the framework to the hull using just simple hook and loop straps. When it comes to the sail itself, you will find it so easy to put together you will even think that was meant to be.

Is it guaranteed?

With Tiwal not only the fun is guaranteed, but also all of our products come with a 2 years guarantee under normal use. Isn’t that awesome?

Is the Tiwal inflatable hull fragile?

With Tiwal you can be sure all our products are nerds when it comes to passing the hardest safety tests. The hull is made with special anti-UV materials. The sailboats also are reinforced with a thick material under the hull and with anti-chafing bands on the sides. To make sure the inflatable part is secure, the hull is made with two airtight compartments inflated separately. However, if anything happens you can just take your Tiwal to an approved specialist anywhere in the world.

Once inflated, how do you launch it?

After you are done assembling your Tiwal you can just carry it out to the water’s edge. Ideally you can ask a friend to help you, otherwise, you can also use a beach dolly (check our store here).

What are the advantages of an inflatable dinghy?

Well, this is hard to keep it short. To start, Tiwal was built with the idea of making sailing easy and simple to do, no matter where and how you are going to sail it. With Tiwal, you are able to put all this fun into two bags and carry them out anywhere you want! It is comfortable, easy to use and let’s say you will have so much fun it will be hard to think of life without Tiwal in it.

What are Tiwal’s measurements?

When your Tiwal is all assembled up, it is 3.20 m (10′ 6″) long, and 1.62 m (5′ 6″) large (1.40 m / 5′ 4″ without hiking racks), weighing only 50 kg (110 lbs), making it easy to carry out and to have fun in the water with nearly no effort.

What if I need spare parts?

If anything happens during your sailing with Tiwal and you need extra parts just contact us and a specialized agent will take care of you and your Tiwal.

What if I sail around the world and need to repair my boat?

Tiwal was made for travelers and adventures so there is no need to worry. When you are overseas, just look for any approved Zodiac dealers for the hull and any sail makers are able to repair the sail.

What is the delivery time?

We make sure your Tiwal will arrive in no time for you. For orders in Croatia, it will only take a maximum of one week to deliver.

What is the maximum wind Tiwal can sail in?

Get ready for some adventure. We made our Tiwal strong and ready for basically any weather. Our products can stand up to winds Force 4 (28.95 km/h or 18 mph).

What quality are the materials?

Here at Tiwal, we are picky when it comes to high-quality products. Just so you can know, we are associated with some top brands in the sailing world such as Norths Sails for the sails, and Harken for the fittings, for example. Our hulls are made with amazing quality Selytech PVC. The framework is made with anodized aluminum and chrome-plated assembly parts. Trust us, we take making the best fun sailboat super serious.

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